About Arpana Bhuwania

Arpana Bhuwania, a dynamic entrepreneur, designer and author, wears multiple hats in her professional journey.

She is the owner of a Restaurant "The Margoosa Spice" & "Trooft-The Rooftop Lounge" and a Tea Lounge 'Chai Nasta' in Ahmedabad, is also an artist, specializes in paintings created with diverse materials including Gold and Silver, and an author, who penned a book 'Aishani - The Durga Within'.

Her initiatives turned into achievements when she received various appreciations from organizations and clients. Five time winner of Times Food Awards, Two time achiever of Times Women Awards as a Foodpreneur and Fashion Designer are to name a few.

Arpana's zeal to experiment with colours and designs motivated her to create her own designer label "Lilac by Arpana".

About The Brand

Step into the artistic world of Arpana Bhuwania and her design label. Her boutique is a fusion of traditional Kutchi work patterns and modern Western wear, creating a captivating collection that embraces the best of both worlds.

She believes in ethical fashion that not only looks great but also makes a positive impact on the world. Her team works closely with local artisans to create unique, ethnic, high-end affordable apparel that shows uniqueness in every piece.

When you choose us, you choose more than just fashion. You choose to be part of a movement that celebrates creativity, supports local artisans, and embraces the beauty of cultural diversity.

It's amazing to see how her daughter, Drishti Bhuwania has been able to combine her classical illustration skills with modern technology to create such beautiful and unique Scarves, Pocket Squares, and Stationery designs. It's great to see how she's using her talents to create something that's both functional and beautiful. We can only imagine how much joy it would bring to experience this mother-daughter collaboration, especially if it's something as gorgeous as the products launched in the Brand "Gyaana".

So come on in, browse our collection, and let us help you find the perfect outfit for any occasion!